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5 days ago

Light Control Capability and Extreme Versatility Of Roller Blinds

Roller BlindsLight control capabilities and extreme versatility of roller blinds make them the popular choice of Australian home owners. Roll them up and they disappear into the framework, leaving you to enjoy the views or simply pull them down for privacy and sun protection. Roller blinds fit in with any type of décor, they blend in very well with your interiors.

Light control capability of Roller Blinds:

Controlling the light entering your home is one of the most important functions of a window blind. Roller blinds are ideally suited to perform this function due to the availability of different types of fabric that can be used to construct these blinds. From sheer, light filtering materials to complete block-out fabric, roller blinds can be designed to suit each and every room in your home.

Take for example, your bedroom where you would like complete privacy. Constructing the roller blind with complete block-out fabrics ensures that the room remains protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun while also affording the necessary privacy. The block-out fabric may be colour co-ordinated with the rest of the interiors in the room for a complete effect.

Roller blinds for the general areas in your home can be made out of sheer fabrics that let the light filter through. These fabrics also provide some amount of privacy while giving an open and inviting look to the place. Bathrooms and kitchens require the use of moisture resistant fabrics that are easy to clean. The biggest advantage of roller blinds is that they can be simply rolled up to let in the light and air as and when necessary.

Roller Blinds are extremely versatile:

The simplicity and versatility of Online Cellular Blinds make them an ideal choice of window coverings. Firstly, there are several design options to choose from, namely Double Roller Blinds, Linked Blinds, Motorised Blinds, Chain Control, Wire guide, Cassette and Channel systems.

Secondly, Roller Blinds can be made up of different types of materials depending on where they will be fitted. Several fabric choices are available in a variety of textures, styles and colours to match your interiors. Apollo Blinds offers a wide collection of materials and fabrics along with various accessories that add a style to your window coverings.

Roller blinds are extremely versatile. They can be fitted to windows of any size and come in different patterns, styles, fabrics and colours. Roller blinds are suitable for any area or room provided the right type of fabric is used. If you plan to redecorate your windows consider roller blinds from Apollo Blinds. Visit for a free quote and measure. Browse through the various options for Ziptrak Blinds Awnings and shutters, check out fabrics and materials.

2 weeks ago

Custom Roller Blinds Online – Your Interiors Redefined

Custom Roller BlindsOptimal and Efficient Light and Privacy Control

Are you a new homeowner in pursuit of stylish, reliable blinds for all of your windows? Would you just like to have an easier, more effective way to control window light and privacy in the rooms of your home? Roller blinds are a length of fabric that use practical rolling mechanics so you can more quickly and easily filter light in your home. The roller mechanism on roller blinds makes it much easier to adjust the fabric to different heights depending on your mood or needs. There are three types of roller blinds:


- Opaque fabrics
- Optimal for complete room darkening
- Blocks out 100% of light penetration

Screen Fabrics

- Contemporary style
- Optimal light and heat control
- No compromise for outdoor viewing or privacy

Light Filtering

- Translucent fabric that allows light to filter through
- Continued protection from sun

Using roller blinds, you can get the perfect atmosphere for your individual tastes and lifestyle. Do you enjoy absolutely optimal privacy or work a graveyard shift and wish for the ability to block out light so you can get better sleep during the day? Blockout roller blinds would be a good choice. If you’d like something modern and effective for keeping out the harsh summer temperatures, screen fabric roller blinds are a safe bet. If you enjoy having lots of natural light in your home, light filtering roller blinds are a smart option!

About Apollo Blinds

Apollo Blinds have been in business since 1988 and their specialty is producing high quality yet affordable blinds, awnings and shutters that can be completely custom made for both commercial and domestic customers. They sell a variety of stylish, cost effective roller blinds to meet all of your light and privacy control needs. Apollo Blinds also offers a huge variety of essential accessories and custom features for your Cheap Fixed Awnings, including:

- A huge spectrum of fabric colors and patterns
- A choice of seven different bottom rail colors
- Trim, pull, and bottom rail shape options
- A variety of size options depending on the fabric, with a maximum width up to 3310mm and a maximum drop of 3000mm

Apollo Blinds custom roller blind options are exactly what you need if you’re looking for window shades specifically designed to your individual home and preferences. No matter what type, pattern, and size of Screen Fabrics Roman Blinds you’re searching for, Apollo Blinds will give you plenty of options at a fair price without sacrificing supreme quality and craftsmanship.

Style and Function at an Affordable Rate

Don’t get frustrated with uneven, easily damaged blinds or poorly made curtains that are hard to adjust and clean. Are you hoping to go that extra mile for truly innovative blind and shading technology? Apollo Blinds offers motorized roller blinds, so you can make adjustments to your roller instantly at the push of a button! Turn the interior of your home into a stylish, redefined functional space with easy, hassle free light and privacy control using roller blinds.

3 weeks ago

Roman Blinds - Great Way to Add A Little Class and Atmosphere to Your Home

Roman BlindsEvery home needs to be properly designed. Blinds can be important in your home design, so it is important to choose wisely. There are all sorts of blinds, but today I am going to present to you Roman Blinds manufactured by Apollo blinds. So let’s begin with our presentation of Roman Blinds.

Roman Blinds are great if you want to indicate your style and they look softer than the other types of blinds. This type of blinds has many features such as: fabrics (blackout, light filtering, and sunscreen), controls (swivel lock, heavy duty cord lock, chain drive and motor).

Roman Blinds can come in three styles: Venice, Ocean and Eden.

Venice Roman Blinds features:

• These blinds are constructed with the use of patented Romatech aluminum lift system and polycarbonate lift rings
• Clips are made of virgin polycarbonate
• Lift cords are UV stabilized and they prevent sun exposure to deteriorate them
• Romatech batten is placed between lift battens in order to create a flat look
• Panel size are between 150 mm to 200mm

Ocean Roman blinds features:

• Half round timber are used in a construction as a focal point
• Ivory blackout coating that is used in rear battens are supplied from white finish
• Front timber dowels can come in light, medium, dark and cream finish.
• Panel size is also like on Roman blinds 150mm-200mm

Eden Roman blinds features:

• This Shutters Coburg are constructed with the use of patented Romatech aluminum lift system and polycarbonate lift rings
• Clips are made of virgin polycarbonate
• Lift cords are UV stabilized and they prevent sun exposure to deteriorate them
• Can be folded into same stack size as the Venice and Ocean blinds
• Panel size is 300mm-400mm

So when you got information about the product you are wondering how the Apollo blinds are. The next paragraph is going to be about the company.

Apollo blinds

Apollo Blinds are a company that was founded in 1988.Its main specialty is custom made and affordable blinds, awnings and shutters that can be used in commercial and domestic purposes. Apollo’s main mission is to give you a stylish look and to make your house into a home. This company has a team of experts whose biggest quality is combining craftsmanship and modern technology in order to create the best solution that you would like for your space. All of the Apollo products are professionally installed and are designed to last. Apollo is also one of the biggest Australia’s providers of Shutters Mentone. If you decide to hire them besides blinds awnings and shutters they offer you some extra features like light control, privacy and your own custom made style.

The head office of the company is at Sydney, but they have offices across Australia. For all questions you have you can contact the company.

1 month ago

Fixed Canopy Awnings Perfect Solution for When Protection is Required from Sun or Rain

Fixed Canopy AwningsAre you a home owner or a business owner looking for an extra touch of finesse to add to your building? Why not think of getting fixed canopy awnings which are beautifully designed and crafted?

When you get an awning, you are not only buying a decorative piece for your door, window, storefront or deck. You are also investing in a protective shelter against the sometimes harsh conditions of the weather.

An awning is a canvas type structure which is placed in strategic locations in order to provide a level of protection against mainly sunlight.

If you’re a person who believes in the effects of global warming and the effects over-exposure in the sun may have on you, you want to invest in getting awnings. This is an excellent way to avoid the direct rays of the sun and can even bring you savings from air conditioning expenses.

The Patio

If you are wishing to be able to sit on a patio and enjoy the natural aesthetics around you, awnings will make this effort more enjoyable. This makes picnics out in the background and family events in the backyard more pleasurable.

Protection For Your Valued Customers

If you have ever been out shopping and conducting your business and the unexpected droplets of rain hits you in the face, you should appreciate fixed canopy awnings. These make perfect covers to protect your customers against the unpredictable weather. This is a customer friendly move that your customers will surely appreciate on a rainy or even a sunny day.

Types of Timber Venetian Blinds Online

Our fixed awnings have an effective aluminum rib structure that you can choose either covered in fabric or PVC.

Color. We have a wide range of awnings to choose from, in acrylic, canvas or mesh. Among all three, there are over twenty colors to choose from. You are bound to find one that will complement the current color scheme of your house or business.

Shapes. Whether you choose the traditional Dutch canopy, or the grace of the elliptical canopy or the cupola canopy, it is guaranteed that you will be satisfied with your purchase.

What We Offer

If you’re in Australia, and looking for awnings, you can check out our several locations. Here at Apollo, providing you with fixed canopy awnings in addition to blinds and Custom Vertical Blinds is what we do best. Backed by our strong customer service team, we will help you to pick out an awning that you will love. Not only will your business or home boast the perfect protection solution when needed against the sun and the rain, but when you buy our fixed canopy awnings, you support an all Australian company- made and sourced in Australia.

1 month ago

Affordable Aluminium Venetian Blinds Are a Great Way to Decorate Your Windows

Aluminium Venetian BlindsAre you concerned about nosy neighbors not being able to mind their own business? Or are you just looking for an elegant way to add simple touches to your home to give it a fresh look at an affordable cost? Aluminum Venetian blinds may just be exactly what you need.

Benefits of Aluminum Venetian Blinds

Aluminum Venetian blinds are not only a gorgeous touch to decorate your windows without being over the top; they are also useful in a variety of ways:

1. Simple, Affordable, Renovation. Venetian blinds are one of the most affordable ways in which you can instantly transform the look of your home. Let’s be honest, sometimes we get tired of things being the same and want to change things up a bit but our financial situation doesn’t allow us that luxury. With venetian blinds, you can afford yourself the luxury of niceties in your home at a reasonable cost.

2. Lighting Control. Venetian blinds are also a very practical solution to controlling the lighting of the rooms in your house. Depending on your nature, if you love lots of sunshine or not so much, venetian blinds give you the control of adjusting the light entering your space as you see fit. Screen the sunlight out of your room in the mornings by using tightly slatted blinds.

3. Easily Maintained. Nobody likes high maintenance; if you don’t believe just ask around. Aluminum Venetian Blinds are so popular because they are easy to clean. With putting up with day jobs, caring for our families and every other thing that’s going on with our lives, the last thing we need is to add one more thing on the list that is going to take all our time and energy- energy we already don’t have. Well if you’re worried about hectic work, these blinds won’t be the “it” that frustrates you. Mostly, all these need is a quick wipe down and they are as good as new.

Curtain or Aluminum Venetian Blinds

Aluminum Venetian Blinds win hands down. Can you imagine the loads of laundry that you are subjecting yourself to with curtains? Not to mention how much dust gets trapped into the fabric and can aggravate sinuses and breathing problems? And did I mention that getting the right curtains that don’t look cheap and tacky are way too expensive?

Here at Apollo we offer the best Custom Vertical Blinds this side of Australia. Our products are at an affordable cost as we think about you, our customers. We make it easier for you to decorate your home the right way in a simple, reasonably priced addition to your windows. And to show you that you are at the center of our focus, we offer advice in the most suitable blinds for you, as well as the easy ways of maintaining them. When you support us at Apollo Blinds, Awnings, Affordable Aluminium Shutters, you also help us to support the Sydney Children’s Hospital.

2 months ago

Roller Shutters - For The Ultimate In Convenience And Good Looks

Roller ShuttersWhat are Roller Shutters?

Roller Shutters are secure treatments that can be installed over doors, windows, patios or wherever a protective barrier is desired. They consist of horizontal slats, hence their “shutter” designation. Rolling Shutters can be used for:

• Doors
• Windows
• Porches
• Balconies
• Inside and Outside Storage Areas

Benefits of Roller Shutters


Closing Roller Shutters provides complete privacy. This is extremely beneficial when they are installed on windows, balconies, and porches.

Sound Reduction

Closing Roller Shutters can reduce outside noise by up to sixty percent.


Closing Roller Shutters can only be opened one way and are extremely difficult to get through. They, therefore, add an extra layer of security to your home and protect it from vandalism and/or theft. This is especially useful when they are installed on a door, window, balcony, sunlight, and/or porch.


Roller Shutters provide excellent insulation. In the summer, they prevent cold air from escaping, and in the winter, they seal in heat. When completely shut, they can improve insulation by up to forty-five percent and can reduce a home’s energy costs up to ten percent.

Weather Protection

Roller shutters guard your home against damage from extreme weather, including wind, hail, sleet, snow, bush fires, and temperature fluctuations.

Furniture and Carpet Protection

When used to block the sun’s rays, Rolling Shutters keep carpet and furniture from fading.

Control Ventilation

One can adjust the Roller Shutters and control their home’s ventilation.

Glare Prevention

Roller Shutters can prevent glare on televisions and computer screens

Curb Appeal

Roller Shutters come in a wide range of colors and can even be color matched. Plus, they look nice on any home.

Practicality of Roller Shutters

Affordable Aluminium Venetian Blinds can be installed on practically any door or window. They can be raised or lowered manually and/or controlled by motor.

Their multiple slats, shutter design makes repairs, should they even be necessary, very simple.

Most doors and window treatments roll outward. Rolling Shutters roll up and, thus, save space.

Roller Shutters are mostly made with aluminum because they are always exposed to the elements. Aluminum is a high-grade material, which assures stability, long life, and color maintenance. They are also filled with polyurethane foam, which provides its superb protection and excellent temperature and sound insulation.

Roller Shutters are Easy to Maintain

Timber Venetians Sydney require very little maintenance. Maybe an occasional wipe with a clean cloth or sponge and a gentle cleaning solution. That’s all you have to do, too, should they look dirty.

Raised Roller Shutters are completely inconspicuous from both inside and outside the home.

Roller Shutters are an Excellent Choice

Reduced energy costs, convenience, and good looks make rolling shutters an exceptional choice for your home.

Visit Here :-

2 months ago

Blockout Roman Blinds - Get Light When You Want Light & Dark When You Don’t!

Roman BlindsRoman shades are a kind of window blind inured to block out the sunlight. They are familiar as Roman blinds in the UK. Roman blinds can be bought with a blackout coating on the backside to completely block out sun. Roman shades present a feel of sophistication to a home and blackout Roman shades feature can make these decorative elements the realistic preference for homeowners. These types of blinds apply blackout lining to compose shades darker and better proficient to maintain temperature inside the room.

Top Tips for Helping to Determine the Best Roman Shades Setup for a Space

1. Perfect Fabric

The selection of face fabric is the main important decision when setting up custom Roman shades. It’s the fabric that not only will set the shade and outline of the completed product but also will influence the shade’s luminousness, in addition to how effortlessly it will function and pile when retracted. Light- and medium-weight fabrics are very well, but it’s essential to avoid too heavily embroidered materials or those that are very inflexible.

2. Relaxed Versus Constructed Shades

The general fashion of a Roman shade usually falls into two kinds—relaxed or constructed. Relaxed shades contain no inflexible chains within and let the fabric droop tenderly below its own load, which produces a bend at the base of the shades when they’re hoisted.

Constructed shades contain parallel rods, dowels or battens to produce a more firm exterior with a straight frame at the foundation.

Relaxed and constructed Roman shades both function similarly fine on most standard- range windows. Nevertheless relaxed shades may turn out to be hard to handle on very spacious windows.

3. Lining

The selection of lining fabric generally ranges from light see-through cotton sateen to blackout lining, which eradicates nearly all daylight coming throughout the shade. The option depends on the space. Blackout lining materials include plastic, heavier fabrics, vinyl, and certainly solid paper and cardboard.

These materials are often found in stores covered with PVC. These will sift out most daylight, while it is feasible to purchase 'light filtering' PVC, which allows in some sunlight. If you don’t like to apply PVC on your blackout Roman Blind and Custom Panel Glide Blinds shades for their unpleasant smell and heaviness, try to find stuff with a rigid intertwine and grasp it up to the light font in the store.

Blackout Custom Blinds are an ideal negotiation to homeowners who want to keep the sunlight away for certain times. Blackout Roman shades blinds can be blocked and drawn to the correct height, thus someone functioning in one part of the space can utilize the dark shade and at the same time those who closer the window can get pleasure from the sunshine.