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Apollo Blinds

1 week ago

Apollo Blinds: Solve All Your Blinds And Shutter Needs

Apollo BlindsWindow coverings like blinds, shutters and awnings are an essential part of your home and play an important role in creating the ambience that reflects your personality and lifestyle. Choosing the right colours or fabrics is not the only aspect that you look at, but you want to create the right atmosphere in your home. Your selection of window coverings define how the light fills the room or how it ensures a cosy feeling on a cold winter's day. Apollo Blinds, Australia is your partner in helping you turn your ideas into reality, to find the perfect setting to suit your tastes.

Apollo Blinds is one of the largest providers of custom made window blinds, shutters and awnings in Australia. The company has been in the business for nearly three decades with showrooms and branches at various locations across Australia. If you are looking for window covering options for your home, head to the nearest Apollo Blinds showroom and you can be sure they will satisfy your blinds and shutter needs. Better still, visit for the full range and availability or a free quote.

A professional team at Apollo Blinds offers expert advice on making a selection of the right type of window covering depending on your needs. A state-of-the-art manufacturing plant ensures that your blinds or shutters are made exactly as per specifications and expertly installed to create the right ambience and give your home a stylish look. Blinds, shutters and awnings from Apollo Blinds are well crafted using quality materials and modern technology so that the finished product lends an element of style and ultimate levels of comfort and privacy.

For your blinds and Shutters Ringwood needs, visit the local Apollo Blinds store to see the variety of fabrics and options on display. Better still book a free measurement and quote by filling in the online form and the store will send a blinds specialist to your home. He/she will provide expert advice taking into account issues like safety, security, privacy, energy savings and budget, helping you choose the perfect product for your windows.

Apollo Blinds offers a wide array of blinds including Venetian Blinds, Roller Blinds, Cellular Shades, Roman Blinds, Multi-Pelmets, Panel Glide Blinds,etc. A wide range of shutters like Louvre shutters, roller shutters, plantation shutters, aluminium shutters and Smartwood Shutters Dandenong are also offered. Awnings include straight drop awnings, fixed and folding arm awnings. They also offer motorised blinds that are extremely convenient and easy to operate. The company has been manufacturing these products for commercial as well as domestic use.

So, if you want to upgrade your window coverings get some ideas and expert advice from the professionals at Apollo Blinds. Browse through the catalogues and picture galleries to make a selection. Or, if you have an idea in mind, the folks at Apollo Blinds will help you turn it into a reality.


3 weeks ago

Aluminium Blinds – Best Solution For All Your Window Covering Needs

Aluminium BlindsWhen it comes to window coverings, most folks opt for Venetian blinds for their functionality and ease of use. Traditionally, Venetian blinds were always made from wood which is an expensive commodity. In recent times however, blinds are made from material like aluminium or PVC which is quite affordable and provides a lot of features. Aluminium blinds are the best solution for all your window covering needs.

Several advantages make aluminium blinds the most popular choice:

Aluminium is easy to cut and mould into any shape. As such aluminium blinds can be fitted on to windows of any shape and size. In fact, they are ideal for large sized windows as well.

Ease of Use:
Aluminium blinds are easy to operate. At a simple touch, you can control the light entering the room by opening or closing the slats. The slats can be opened at an angle so as to provide you the privacy needed, while also letting in the light. In winter the closed slats offer insulation by keeping the warmth in the room. Your aluminium blinds can be motorised for added convenience.

Easy Maintenance:
Blinds made from aluminium come with a dust resistant finish which makes it easy to clean. Being metallic, they are also moisture resistant and do not corrode, giving a neat appearance. An occasional wash down with soap and water leaves them looking as good as new.

Lightweight and Sturdy:
Aluminium is a lightweight material but not prone to dents and kinks which makes it ideal for window blinds. It is sturdy as well so the slats do not bend out of shape even with prolonged use. As a result, your aluminium blinds will last for a long time.

Style and Beauty:
A wide range of colour selection is available and you can easily co-ordinate your aluminium blinds with the interior décor of your home. Decorative tapes and cords lend an element of interest to the blinds; no doubt, colour matched window blinds give a sleek and stylish look to the room.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of installing aluminium blinds is its affordability. They are a cost effective option especially if you are on a budget. Aluminium Roller Blinds Belgrave offer good savings on the maintenance front as well.

With the several advantages listed above, you would agree that aluminium blinds are the best solution for all your window covering needs. Perhaps you have made up your mind to upgrade your windows with Aluminium Roller Blinds Coburg and all that remains is to find a reliable blinds supplier. Apollo Blinds is a reputed and experienced supplier of window blinds, shutters and awnings in Australia. Check out the website for other options, colours and varieties of window coverings. You might also want to get a free measure and quote, so book it online at

1 month ago

Decorate Your Home With Adding Elegance Venetian Blinds

Venetian BlindsCost-effective yet enthralling, they are elegant as well as stylish. The idea of decorating your home’s interiors for added glamour won’t require turning your home upside down. Give your home a style quotient in style!

Venetian blinds were used by the French before anywhere else and quality French pleasure costs money! Not anymore. For they are popular now with great demands and more sales bring the price down.

The horizontal, one-above-another slats of the Venetian blind have now embraced metal, plastic, natural and artificial wood, bamboo...what not! These aside, there’s a completely different segment in fabric. The suspended strips of cloth are called tapes; there’s a cord that tilts them in unison as much as near-180o. This way, the tapes rotate and overlap, stopping harsh daylight from entering and putting up a visual barrier between you and the outside world for desired time. Whether or how much light it will allow to seep in is really the colour, cloth and cut department thing, which we’ll try to cover separately.

The cords also pull the bottom of the blind up by pressing the tapes against each other; their internal gaps reduce as one tape press the underside of the next tape above. This system is a modern variation of the older this-or-that; it combines lift-cords with the rotational-cords through the two edges of each tape. For plastic, metal and wood/bamboo slats, there are often grooves created at the edges. The functionality operates on hidden roller mechanism, making Venetian blinds attain fancier looks and add true value to interior decorations. Whether you would like the formal style of fold or the classic style is solely up to you; however, colours, textures and material to be thoroughly judged before deciding on the type. The cuffed hem or the curved hem debate comes much later. You need that to display a half pulled-up blind. This enhances the classy touch bit more.

Design, overall look and presence perhaps vary the most with polyester materials. They are also much easier to clean and dry than fabric blinds, so no need to hang dusty draperies around and catch a dust allergy.

Polyester materials also fold easily and come in various shapes and sizes. They stop you from shrinking your window size to fit the interior decor; rather, now it’s the other way ‘round.

Second in craze is the bamboo Venetian Blinds Ivanhoe. It brings a vintage look and feel and much recommended to a nature-themed surrounding.

Though curtain material largely depends on the type of room, it’s always wise to go for a harmful UV-ray blocking, translucent Venetian Blinds Notting Hill. They also impart a warm and soft look to your interiors while the block-out material prevents the UV rays.

1 month ago

Roman Blinds - Warmth And Versatility Of Soft Furnishing Fabrics

Roman BlindsRoman Blinds are simple window blinds or screens of soft furnishing fabrics that are rich in material and exude a lot of feel-changing warmth to the room. They are versatile; have unique textures and effortlessly blend into just any surrounding, providing a contemporary look with an elegant and sophisticated style that enhances the beauty of any interior space. A combination of warm and versatile colours and materials, these pieces of soft furnishing fabrics also come with simplicity of operation.

Days of distress for the Roman blinds are over! No more are they considered old-fashioned, frumpish or anything equally derogatory; of late, there has been a delightful revival and it’s a new approach with bright, cheerful and ethereal colour schemes in materials that are both light and durable that brought them back.

The Roman blinds blend into the surroundings if they are chosen correctly. They are made from a single, flat piece of fabric that folds-up or folds down in the accordion style when the attached string is pulled. It raises and lowers the blind, thus controlling the intensity of light inside the room and also, to a great extent, the temperature. This is applicable all the more if the blinds are lined with some kind of insulation. But a Roman blind gives you something more that other window fittings don’t; when raised it will provide a decorative look that will adorn not just the windows but add to the look of the entire room. Simply put, Roman blinds make your room appear graceful!

Roman blinds come in two distinct styles:

• Flat (also called classic): The flat Roman blinds are simple fabric panels that are laid flat against a window. They form neatly-stacked folds resembling that of an accordion’s when raised, offering a clean and uncluttered look. Fully extended, flat roman shades appear as a smooth and solid piece of fabric with easily visible pleats. Flat roman shades are good for large-sized windows and allow no light when unfolded and therefore, create some very dramatic patterns.

• Hobbled (also known as looped): The hobbled Roman Blinds Springvale retain the soft, overlapping folds (loops) even when fully extended, thus creating a flowing, cascade-like look and closely resembles the looks of drapery.

You may further enhance the look of the Roman Blinds Notting Hill by getting the bottoms (which can also be curved i.e. European style) embellished. It will be gathering vertically in the middle in that case while the bottom will spread out like a fan. Tassels or fringe, even beads can be used as the bottom trims.

So choose from an array of colours and textures, designs and fabrics; there’s a wide choice ranging from classic weaves to bold, colour prints. Just make sure there’s a neutral colour-backing to maintain a consistent, outside view of the house.

2 months ago

Plantation Shutters Provide The Timeless Beauty At Low Maintenance


Plantation ShuttersPlantation shutters were invented to be functional. Add modern day design and making techniques and you have plantation shutters that are not only functional but also provide timeless beauty at low maintenance.

Well designed Plantation Shutters add a huge appeal to your home and your décor – interior and exterior. They provide curb appeal, add as much privacy control as required, add a layer of insulation against excess heat, provide a way to control natural light entering your home and add that “wow” factor to your exterior and interior décor. They are also easily wiped clean and are therefore low maintenance – no laundry bills.

Curb Appeal – Get That Amazing Look.
Walk through your neighbourhood and notice homes with and without shutters. You will agree that homes with shutters especially plantation shutters look much better than homes without shutters. In fact, did you know that shutters can be financed along with your home purchase? Banks permit you to include shutters because they are considered a great value addition to the home. Also, homes with shutters rent out faster or sell faster than homes without shutters.

Control Your Privacy
While blinds and shutters function similarly, they are not the same. A blind usually does not cover the window 100% and also, unless locked at both ends, a blind will tend to sway in the breeze. The narrow gaps they create are a breach of your privacy. Plantation shutters on the other hand, cover the full window top to bottom and side to side. They are fixed and do not sway in the wind.

When the slats of the shutter is closed, it cuts off view into your room. There is not way someone standing outside can peep into your room. Your privacy is total. Also, plantation shutters can be made in a variety of styles e.g. split-top shutters wherein one half can be opened while the other half remains closed. In fact, shutters can be custom made to be as functional as you want them to be. Design and function possibilities are only limited by the abilities of your carpenter.

Save On Electricity
Keep the slats of the shutter half closed and it prevents direct sunlight from entering the room while allowing indirect light to provide sufficient brightness so that the room is not in darkness. This keeps the hot sunlight out and your cooling bills down. Similarly during winter, keeping the louvres of the shutter closed prevents loss of heat through the windows. Also, shutters being made of wood, they have far better insulation properties compared to blinds and curtains. Plantation Shutters Richmond will keep the cold winds and cold temperature out while keeping you warm and cosy inside and you end up saving on your heating bill.

Value For Money
Curtains, blinds etc. are considered 'personal' because they are impacted by personal tastes and preferences and so while they may add beauty they do not add value to the home. Plantation Shutters Ringwood on the other hand, have less to do with personal tastes and more to do with matching overall ecstatics and décor of the home. The timeless beauty that plantation shutters add is therefore transferred along with the home to the next person or family that occupies it.

2 months ago

Louvre Shutters are a Fantastic Product for Window Covering


Louvre ShuttersA new home or a home being refurbished will invariably include work on the window coverings too. While there is a vast range of options available, nothing beats Louvre shutters in terms of functionality, beauty and energy saving.

Louvre shutters are a fantastic product and have been a functional and beauty element of modern home design for many decades. Architects and interior decorators use louvre shutters as an important architectural feature not only refining the aesthetics of a home or building but also helping protect the environment by reducing the carbon footprint of the home or building that uses louvre shutters.

Louvre shutters protect your home interiors from the harsh sun, reduce sun glare, keep your interiors cool thereby reducing your electricity bills. In the winter they do the opposite – keep the cold elements outside while preventing heat loss through the windows thereby once again, reducing your electricity bills incurred on heating the house or building. Apart from the shade, privacy and insulation properties, operable louvered shutters also provide protection from stormy weather. Louvered shutters are therefore a fantastic product for window covering.

From a functional point-of-view, Louvre Shutters & Louvre Shutters Dandenong can be installed on the wall itself or to the frame of your windows. Depending on the décor, louvre shutters can be made as bi-folding or multi-folding system for larger openings. They could be a single sash or double sash in fact, there is hardly any restriction as to its design. The design of the louvre shutters you need, is typically an amalgam of the function you require and the décor. For example, louvered PVC shutters can be used to great effect as bathroom doors with colour that matches rest of the decor. Solid wood louvered windows and doors help to deflect sound – an important advantage for homes and buildings located near noisy streets and arterial roads.

Even if you have a large colonial style home with oversized arched windows, you can install custom-made louvered shutters for true “wow” factor apart from the functionality they offer. In fact, custom shutters elevate the décor of any room or home because they look more like they are a part of the architectural element than a separate window treatment.

We came across a large home in Alice Springs that had these amazing latticework of louvered shutters that drew in air while shading the home from the harsh sun. The home owners were an elderly couple and unfortunately, they could not remember the name of the architect who designed it. The beauty of this type of latticed louvered shutters is that air flow is triggered by the significant temperature difference between the shaded and non-shaded sides. This method of natural ventilation is ideal for Alice Springs especially due to the substantial difference between daytime and night time temperatures.

Louvre Shutters Ringwood be used on the outside as well as inside the house. In fact, in another home also at Alice Springs, louvered shutters were used as an elegant room divider! They were used to separate the bedroom from the en-suite. The louvered shutters could be closed for privacy and opened to maximise use of natural light (an effect they magnified with the help of large mirrors). So louvered shutters are not just a fantastic product for window covering, in fact, this design we saw at Alice Springs proved that louvered shutters can also be used to great effect to make a visual connection between rooms and give the home a feeling of space and also promote continuous air flow.


2 months ago

Superb Sidewinder Mechanism Of Roller Blind System

Roller BlindA professional quality, sidewinder roller blinds system is always engineered to precision so as to bring a balanced product that excels in design, engineering and cost. It’s the technology, insight and knowledge that create these refined mechanisms and pushes the boundaries of domestic or commercial application suitability.

It’s a superb, sidewinder mechanism that made the roller blind systems a necessity in the current world of interior decors. They are relatively simple, but when you want to do the installations yourself, a little lowdown on these simple yet superb mechanisms of sidewinder Roller Blinds Ringwood comes helpful.

On the drive-end, a sidewinder system features a tensile, stainless-steel, spring-loading mechanism operating on a plastic or a nickel chain. Basically, it works as a cog, activated by the links on the side-winder chain. When the chain is pulled, the chain's links – which slot into cog grooves inside the side-winder – force the winder to turn. Every component stays coated with lubricants to ensure longer, smoother and quieter operations. A spring-loaded plunge-pin offers maximum flexibility during installations.

Generally, there are four parts to every Roller Blinds Springvale sidewinder mechanism unit. These parts remain joined together by a screw at the inner end. The casing for the bearing goes to the next section; this casing allows the blind to revolve. The bearing and the cog mechanism stay at the left while the side-winder chain is made into a loop that hangs downwards (about 3/4th of the height of the blind). A rule of thumb; therefore, is to keep the length of the chain to 3/4th the length of the blind drop multiplied by 2. (3/4 l X 2). Follow this and you are not likely to have any measurement issues.

After you put the chain around the cog, you will join it together by a clip. Ensure that you position the chain at a correct length. To keep it at the left side, attach the chain with a short length on the right-hand side; for the right, attach it with the short side on the left. The idea is, the short end must stay at the back of the winder. Once that’s done, connect the remaining parts of the roller blind sidewinder with the inner screws. Roll the blind around the inner tube before pressing the winder sections into each of its ends. Place the end knobs of the chain into the clip holes to connect the chain and to close the hinge firmly. Attach the brackets to the window frame and slot the roller into the brackets.

Most sidewinder roller blind mechanism kit will include a small clip to be attached to the chain. It stops the roller at the correct positions as you roll it up.

3 months ago

Roman Blinds - Ideal for Today's Modern Home


Roman BlindsPractical home decor can be stylish too! Roman Blinds come up first in the list and there are reasons why they are considered ideal for any modern home. Reasons are aplenty; however, it’s their light-filtering/blocking functions and zero-fuss installation and maintenance that are drawing in more users every passing day.

Give your interiors a classic window treatment with Roman blinds. Apart from blocking sunlight (or in that case, just the UV rays) and offering privacy, they also take up negligible space and leaves a lot of room for other stylistic decorations. Roman blinds are designed to be in clean and even, horizontal folds that will stack neatly into one another. It is comparatively easier and painless to process the Roman blinds within a tight budget and a still tighter time frame.

If you already don’t know what Roman blinds are, they are a simple, stylish window covering that enhance the room decor without creating any sort of conflict. It’s because they can be custom-made to fit just any window size and can be mounted either within the window frame or outside it; you may also get it hung from the ceiling. The varieties run from being expensive to economic, so you get a large number of options when you want to save a bit for other decors to follow.

Roman blinds get you the latest looks. You’ll be surprised to see your home totally transformed. However, apart from the colour and the fabric, you must also be able to choose from the three different types of cord lock systems (Deluxe, Chain-driven and One-touch) and materials (chrome acorns and cleats; aluminium back-battens etc.).

Roman blinds offer a clean-cut contemporary look that is ideal for today’s modern décor. A wide range of fabrics is available to add warmth and sophistication to any room in the home.

The Roman Blinds Springvale make a perfect choice for your interior decor because of their clean, modern lines that co-ordinate with curtains and soft furnishings so well. This is particularly true for the blinds that come with soft-layered pleats, bringing a flat-panel effect, imparting a whole new dimension to your existing room decor. Added with extensive ranges of colours and exquisite fabrics, you may even order custom-tailored panels to enhance the luxurious feel!

Besides, you may also opt for motorisation to gain a well-deserved reputation for richness and drama. A more streamlined look must not come for a premium; the Roman Blinds Notting Hill bring you the option. Compared to full-length drapery, they provide more of a clean-lined architectural look for most situations and add a practical appeal, without concerns for well-defined wall spaces or a lack of it. Relaxed or constructed (the two categories), you can get them installed with or without rigid supports; for the latter, the sewn-in horizontal rods, battens or dowels create a more rigid appearance with the bottom getting a straight edge instead of the soft-smiley relaxed types.


3 months ago

Roller Blinds - Easy to Use & Great for Managing Light in a Room


Roller BlindsWhen you visit a window blinds store you often wonder whether to select Venetian or Roller blinds for your windows. Frankly, which of the two you select depends on precise functionality you require. Here's how you select between the two:

A roller blinds is made from a single piece of fabric that is rolled around a cylinder and usually attached to the top of the window. When you need to unfurl it, you just pull it down and latch it onto a hook attached to the bottom of the window.

Some roller blinds are spring loaded while some are not. The spring loaded ones will auto-retract the moment they are unhooked from the bottom window. So the spring loaded roller blinds are either open or closed. The non-spring loaded variety need to be raised or lowered usually via a cord. You can halt the blind anywhere along the window so for instance, you can have a window with a half opened blind.

Roller blinds evolved during the World War II and were primarily used in field tents. Back then, the blind was a piece of canvas rolled over a hollow tube. It had a simple cord to release or raise the blind. The cord would be tied to a hook at the side of the tube. Release the cord and the blind instantly lowered. Pull the cord and the blind would be opened. Once open the cord would be tied to the hook.

This simple war time application has become a little bit more sophisticated these days and also, instead of canvas, we now have a wide range of materials from which a roller blind can be made. In fact, the best place to see the different types and options in roller blinds in Australia, is Apollo blinds – they are located at 17 different places in Australia!

Roller blinds can be custom made. So you can have a material that partially permits light to seep through even when closed or, you can have a thicker fabric that does not permit light to seep through at all. Roller blinds can be made for whatever size you need and there is a wide choice type of material you want used.

As with everything these days, roller blinds too can be motorised and remote controlled. Feeling too lazy to get up on a Sunday but need some light to enter the bedroom – just click a button and click another to make it stop mid-way or anywhere to control exactly how much natural light you need.

Venetian Blinds Clayton fulfil the same functions as a roller blind except, a venetian blind is not rolled over a drum. A venetian blind has multiple slats which operate as a one unit which can be angled up or down and the entire blind can be moved up or down the window. When the slats are angled upwards or downwards they slightly overlap each other and the light entering the room is reduced or blocked completely. When the slats are angled horizontally, light if allowed to enter. This also helps control privacy.

While Venetian Blinds Box Hill are very modern looking, a roller blind is traditional and more romantic – a lot more intimate and personal.

Apollo Blinds is one of Australia's largest stockist of roller blinds and you are guaranteed to find the perfect match to decorate your windows and doors. You can also visit them at:

3 months ago

Louvre Shutters - Great Way To Decorate Your Windows

Louvre ShuttersApollo Blinds offers highly innovative Louvre shutter systems for traditional as well as modern building designs. Our louvre shutter systems has a wide range of uses ranging from acting as a screen from the prying eyes of passers by and neighbours to providing sun protection and regulate the indoor climate and even save on electricity. More over, Louvre shutter from Apollo blinds comes in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes.

If you haven't yet used a window shutter or are not quite sure how it differs from traditional window blinds, a Louvre shutter is a solid wooden frame with vertical slates and horizontal rails (top, centre and bottom). Within this frame are panels which are either fixed or operable – can be opened or closed. These panels are made from a variety of materials including aluminium, fabric, glass, timber (including bamboo).

Initially, a Louvre shutter was designed to protect castles from arrows fired at castles. The panels were slanted downwards so residents of the castle could look out but attackers of the castle could neither look inside nor fire arrows into the castle or palace. Overtime, this innovative design underwent changes.

Today the Louvre shutter panels are usually operable via a lever or cord or may even be motorised and remotely controlled. When shut, the panels almost completely prevent entry of light into the room. The panels can be shut or opened to various degrees thereby effectively controlling the amount of light entering the room. Because the panels are slanted, a partly opened Louvre shutter allows light to enter the room but not sunlight itself. The room therefore is lit up without the heat from the sun's rays. This helps keep the room relatively cool and helps you cut air conditioning costs. A partially open louvre shutter also prevents passers by and neighbours from looking into the house.

Apollo Blinds (17 locations in Australia), offers modern Shutters Knoxfield with options in material, size, design and colour. This fantastic combination enables the buyer to perfectly match the Louvre shutters with the window and the house it definitely is a great way to decorate your windows and your house.

Louvre Shutters Coburg can also be fitted to doors. When fitted to doors within the house, it provides privacy but at the same time, enables ventilation. If Louvre shutters are made for doors, they can be custom made in timber or even faux wood and the colour made to match your doors as required. Apart from custom ordering your requirement for doors with Louvre shutters, ready-made doors with pre-fitted Louvre shutters are also available.

Apollo Blinds is one of Australia's largest stockist of Louvre shutters and you are guaranteed to find the perfect match to decorate your windows and doors. You can also visit them at: