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Apollo Blinds

5 days ago

Aluminum Shutters: Suitable for Both Interior and Exterior Applications

Aluminum ShuttersThe way your home looks is important to you and we understand that. That’s why Apollo Blinds is now offering some of the best quality shutters for the interior or exterior of your home. Let Apollo Blinds be your number one choice in Australia. We have been in the business since 1988 and we are ready to be your solution for blinds and shutters in your home. Known for our custom work, we can keep your home looking great any time of year.

Special Features

When you are shopping for aluminum shutters, there are many special features that we can give to you. You can select fixed shutters or adjustable ones. We make our shutters from a chip resistant aluminum that is coated with powder to make them as sturdy as possible. You will be very happy with the quality of shutters we can provide for your home.

Colors Available

Decorating and renovating your home can be a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be. With the help of Apollo Blinds, you can add shutters to your home in no time at all. Our aluminum shutters come in many types and colors. You can find them in white, birch white, black, and silver grey. There are other colors available if you wish to special order them. We can design them especially for your home.

Ideal Locations

There are plenty of places where you can place our aluminum shutters in your home. Most homeowners like to use them on the exterior of their homes while others use them inside. Our shutters are ideal for the kitchen because they are resistant to steam. They also work great outdoors because they keep away moisture and heat. This is the best of both worlds for interior and exterior applications.

Easy to Clean

If you are concerned about having Custom Ziptrak Blinds Awnings in your home because of the dirt and dust that will build up on them, you have nothing to worry about. Our shutters are incredibly easy to clean. Simply by wiping them off, you will be able to make them look good as new. We guarantee that you will be impressed with how easy it is to clean them.

Reviews and Testimonials

Our customers are very valuable to us so if you are unsure about the quality of our work, take a look at our reviews and testimonials. Our customers are happy with all of our products. They will share with you how great our customer service is and the great quality of our products. Buying from us means that you will receive the best products that you can find in Australia.

Calling us will ensure that you receive some of the best Cheap Vertical Blinds and shutters that your money can buy. Choosing Apollo Blinds not only gives you home décor that you want, but also need. We will make sure that you are happy with your new shutters. Our devotion is to each and every one of our customers and you will see this as soon as we come to your home for an estimate.

2 weeks ago

Plantation Shutters - Fit With The Existing Décor In Your Home Or Office


Plantation ShuttersPlantation shutters are the number one choice of most home owners, and there are a few good reasons for this. Firstly, they look beautiful, adding that understated elegance to your home. Plantation shutters are very versatile – they can be customised to fit with the existing décor in your home or office. But perhaps the most important factor is the financial aspect – they aren't too expensive and they go along with the house, adding great value to your property as a whole.

Traditionally, plantation shutters had narrow louvres which did not let in much light or provide enough ventilation. Today the trends for window treatments have changed, people prefer to have an open view to the outside and favour lots of light in the room. Being versatile, plantation shutters can be customised to fit this requirement. Additionally, they come in various styles and colours making them easy to fit in with the existing décor, especially if you are only changing your window treatments.

Modern designs also come with a divider rail, which is a convenient feature. It allows separate control of the top and bottom sections of the shutter. The louvres at the bottom can be closed to give the room added privacy while the top slats can be left open to provide better ventilation. Shutters when closed can give added insulation in the winter months. In summer they help to keep the house cool and ventilated. In both instances, you can surely hope to make some savings on your energy bills.

Kitchens and bathrooms are the ideal places to use plantation shutters. They could be combined with sheer curtains and drapery for the bedrooms so as to give the room a comfortable and cosy feel. Of course, the front portion of the house only benefits from the beauty of plantation shutters. In other words, they are an ideal choice for the whole house.

Service providers offering window treatments generally measure out and design the Venetian Blinds Online and shutters to fit with the windows. You can specify the size of the louvres or slats depending on the size of the room and ceiling height. The shutter panels can open at the centre and fold flush against the adjoining walls or they can be stacked up to one side according to your choice. Plantation shutters can be designed to fit any window of any size and shape. The shutter makers will build the shutters to precisely fit the window and to your specifications.

The folks at Apollo Blinds can custom design your window treatments to fit with the existing décor in your home or office. Visit to take a look at the variety and styles available, get some new ideas for your window treatments or even get a quote. Depending on your need, Apollo Blinds will custom design Custom Panel Glide Blinds for your home at the most reasonable price.

3 weeks ago

Roller Blinds - Energy Consumption And Emissions In Your Home Or Building

Roller BlindsBare windows are one of the major causes for energy loss in your home. Especially in a country like Australia where hot summers are the norm, leaving the windows uncovered causes severe energy loss and in turn leading to massive energy bills. Effective energy saving window treatments will go a long way in reducing the wastage of valuable resources. One such treatment is the use of roller blinds on the window. Roller blinds are a great way to dress up the windows in your home while also keeping energy consumption and emissions to a minimum.

The construction industry is moving towards green building technology which involves making the best use of the natural environment to create energy savings. Energy saving window treatments is one way to reduce your heating and cooling costs. Installing roller blinds with solar protective coating keeps the room cooler reducing energy consumption.

Like they say, prevention is better than cure, so also preventing the hot Australian sun rays from entering your home or building cuts your energy consumption by half. Your first line of defence from the sun's rays is to put up external shading like awnings on your windows and doors. Roller blinds are the next layer of protective covering for your home.

Different types of roller blinds are available giving different levels of protection form the harsh sun rays. Aluminium blinds provide the best insulation from heat and noise. They serve as storm protection and security while also preventing harmful ultra violet rays from entering your home or building.

Fabric roller blinds are a cost effective option for energy efficient window treatments. The continuous fabric panels against the window panes prevents the sunlight from seeping through, keeping the house cool even in the summer, reducing your air-conditioning bills. Depending on the fabric used for Affordable Aluminium Venetian Blinds, you can control the light and heat coming into the room.

Open weave fabric allows a certain amount of light into the room but also gives you a fair amount of privacy while translucent material will keep the room bright yet prevent the glare and heat. With roller blinds your home remains cool and well-lighted during the day sreducing energy consumption.

Apollo Blinds is a reputed supplier of window treatments in Australia. Visit for more information on roller blinds as energy savers in your home. There are several types of fabrics and materials to choose from so check out the varieties available. Apollo Blinds supplies blinds, Cedar Shutters Online and shutters including Roman blinds, Venetian Blinds, plantation shutters, timber and aluminium shutters, awnings and curtains in a variety of fabric styles and colours.

Get an obligation free measure and quote, advice and quick delivery from Apollo Blinds. Known for their prompt and efficient service, Apollo Blinds is the best choice if you want to install window treatments at a cost effective rate.

4 weeks ago

Aluminium Blinds Create A Wonderfully Stylish Designer Solution

Aluminium Venetian BlindsBe it any part of your home, to a person with taste, it should be stylish and elegant. Windows, so to say, are the ‘eyes’ of the rooms and contribute largely to their overall appearance. It’s not possible unless they are decorated well, with something appropriate and by appropriate, we mean something that’s lasting, easy to maintain and also looks good. What it is, therefore; that qualifies in all the three categories?

Apart from being simple, stylish and timeless in their designs, aluminium blinds got a utilitarian side to them. You can regulate with them how much light you want in the room and control the level of temperature inside; you can bring soothing effects with the colour (powder-coating) or give your room varying degrees of warmth. With a range of finishes stretching from brushed to metallic and perforated, they come for numerous window shapes and sizes with maximum ease of installation, even for the motorised types.

Certainly, the aluminium blinds are perfect for setting a modern tone not only to the interiors of your home but also turns the exteriors every bit exotic. Used wisely, aluminium blinds can also set the hallmarks of a minimalist living that suits many of the modern decorating styles.

More so, for aluminium blinds can be made to be of just any size, but more popular are between 16mm and 50mm, with 25mm being chosen most widely. You choose them as per your need of light and temperature control; as per your preference for privacy and ventilation.

Aluminium Affordable Louvre Shutters are both sturdy and affordable, which allows you numerous options to dress your windows. They do not die out or fade away unlike fabrics and will provide you lifetime service with minimal care and maintenance. It makes them both an attractive and practical window treatment solution. Weighing upon practicality, price, style and ease of installation, aluminium blinds always come up as the best of all options.

A prime feature of the Custom Wire Guide Awnings is their lightweight construction against the flimsy, delicate fabric and plastics or the bulky, heavy and unwieldy wood. It makes them easy on portability too and cost many times lesser. Even if you are buying them larger, you can always cut them down to the appropriate size without any problem. This is because aluminium is very easy to work with; it’s wonderfully versatile and saves a lot of time and effort.

Therefore, when it comes to affordability, simplicity and variety, there’s nothing better than the aluminium blinds. Add to it the option of ease of use and you’ll always emerge as the winner! The best option to wonderfully enhance your treasured home, even upgrading them in future won’t take more than a few hours, even on a shoestring budget.

1 month ago

Panel Glide Blinds – The Right Choice for You and the Environment

Panel Glide BlindsDecorating for the Future

Panel glide blinds are a decorative alternative to using vertical blinds. They are made with flat fabric panels that are hooked onto a basic head-rail track system that glide along the track. This makes them easy to use as well as install. Many homeowners are switching to panel glide blinds not only to decorate, but also to help the environment. They are extremely energy efficient which means you do not have to use as much of your home’s electricity. Apollo Blinds Awnings and Shutters provides customers with the opportunity to make their home brighter as well as the future.

Panel Glide Blind Feature

The great thing about Apollo is that they bring a great deal of fashion and elegance to panel glide blinds. These blinds are not like rollers because they have flat panels that will slide across instead of rolling up. Panel glide blinds are best used for large windows and doors. They can be used with matching fabric used in home theatres. There are several great features that come with panel glide blinds from Apollo:

• They come in several fashionable fabrics.
• You can choose from four different colors.
• There are child safety features so that everyone is safe.
• They come equipped with 2-9 panels.
• Fabrics can be matched to various blinds.
• Rails come in several different colors.
• Oval bottom rails are available.

The Blind Specialists

Apollo Blinds has been around since 1988 and they specialize in quality awnings, shutters, and blinds for homes and offices. They pride themselves on making their customers happy. Another great thing about Apollo is that they specialize in panel glide blinds of a wide variety of different styles and colors. They also know just how important it is for their customers to be environmentally-friendly. These blinds can save homes and businesses quite a bit of money on electricity.

Apollo Blinds

There are a lot of other perks to purchasing Apollo blinds. One is that they are professionally installed and are designed to last several years. They are also one of the largest providers of window and door Affordable Roller Blinds that not only provide comfort and light control, but style and privacy for your home. Apollo even provides a buy now pay later option if you need blinds right away but cannot afford the upfront cost. This gives you several different financial options for your home or office.

If you are looking for quality Cheap Venetian Blinds or shutters for your home, then Apollo is the place to start. They have a wide variety of options that are all affordable and stylish. Not only can you save money, but you can also be helpful to the environment. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

1 month ago

Aluminum Shutters Giving You Flexible Control of Light and Privacy

Aluminum ShuttersAluminium Louvre Shutters offer many advantages and always match any home or office’s décor. Upscale designers favor them and know that they please even the most selective of tastes.

Advantages of Aluminium Shutters

Aluminium Shutters offer several advantages to homeowners:

• Safety and Security: Aluminum shutters are exceedingly difficult to break and offer protection against break-ins and theft;

• Resilience: Aluminum shutters are extremely resilient to deterioration and breakage and can endure the rough Australian climate;

• Solid Home Investment: Aluminum shutters are a solid investment. Once they are installed, they won’t need to be replaced.

• Flexibility: Aluminum is easy to melt and can be custom designed to match any architecture.

• Privacy: Aluminum Shutters allow privacy both through the flexibility of the blinds and the opacity of the aluminium.

Types of Shutters

Exterior Aluminum Shutters

External aluminum shutters add both beauty and purpose to the outdoor area of any home. They look especially lovely on a patio where they grant relief from the hot sun, and allow cool breezes to flow in.

Indoor Aluminum Shutters

Indoor Aluminium Shudders flatter the interior décor and allow in cool summer breezes while providing an air of privacy.

Shutter System

Louvre System

Louvre refers to aluminum Plantation Shutters Cranbourne with adjustable horizontal slots that are angled to allow in light and air, but keep out rain and direct sunlight. The focus is mostly on the tilt rod mechanism and the setting may be adjustable. Examples include:

• Tilt Rod Styles (Traditional Style): This style is the most aesthetically pleasing. The tilt rod can go either to the left, right, or center and can be can be used to adjust the louvers. Simply hold and move one of the louvers and the rest will follow.

• Contemporary Style: This is for those seeking a modern, clean look. The tilt rod mechanism is concealed within a side panel and cannot be seen.

• Two-Way Closure: This style is easiest to clean and opens and closes in both directions, which offer higher heat deflection. They are also ideal for cleaning.

• Mortise & Tenon: This utilizes a superior joint normally used for producing furniture and be used to enhance center mid-rails. It further allows two-way closures in either direction, which is a plus for heat deflection and cleaning.

• Rebated Stiles: This style is for when you do not want to see the tilt from the inside and there is no notch for an even smoother finished appearance.

Aluminum Plantation Shutters Dandenong enhance the beauty of any home and also make it more comfortable and private. They are also durable and protect the home from break-ins. You get many uses from just one item, plus they increase the value of your home. They are most certainly an extremely smart purchase and investment.

2 months ago

Advantages Of Having Louvre & Roman Blinds Installed

Roman BlindsColours are always attractive. It applies to your dress, your car and also to your home. Lively colours make your interiors come alive and by that, we don’t mean the walls, floor and the ceilings only! There’s more to a well-decorated interior than that.

Ask anyone entering your home about where their eyes go to first. Most of the times it will be the centrepieces, or the sprawling long divan or maybe, an indoor waterfall! But, all these need a background to come up at their fullest. The main attraction for your indoors is nothing unless it’s balanced well with the surrounding.

Here, the colourful accessories play a major role. Curtains and drapes hung on the windows can enhance the effects of the rest of the things around; even wall hangings and paintings. But it does take some skills and eyes to set the aesthetics right, which starts primarily with the window treatment. However, curtains and drapes are now a thing long past; shift to Louvre and Roman blinds instead. You won’t believe how they can improve your home’s inner magnificence!

With Louvre and Roman blinds, the first advantage that comes along is they impart a trendy look. Delectable designs and appearances – they are way different from the traditional curtains and fabric drapes and fit the other interior decorations perfectly. You can match the other sections of a house with a series of Roman and Louvre blinds, including kitchens and bathrooms.

As for the other advantages, both Louvre and Roman blinds are convenient to use; installation is as easy as you can think of, so is maintenance and cleaning. But, you need to choose the fabrics correctly for that. For example, if it’s for the kitchen, the fabric needs to be flame resistant and must not catch oil as cotton fabric would. Else, it would result in frequent washing, which is pretty inconvenient.

Both types of Roman Blinds Ringwood work out as good insulators. They help control glare and temperature; additionally, there are fabrics available nowadays with antibacterial properties and UV resistance, which help in maintaining the colour of both the room and the fabric long time. These are usually polyester fabrics and deflect maximum heat and light.

An additional advantage is in this age of automation, you get remote controlled blinds that you can operate without leaving your place and the option is available for all different sizes of Louvre and Roman Blinds Springvale.

So, welcome optimum privacy with your choice of Roman and Louvre blinds. All you need to do is choose the design, the colour and the size. From bedroom to the boardroom and everything in between (including clinics and healthcare facilities), Louvre and Roman blinds are one-stop-solution to turn your interiors into a double comfort zone.